Indielib moves from SVN to Git


octocat We have decided to move the Indielib repository from Subversion to Git. Hopefully this will give us an easier way to experiment with new code, faster commits and offcause it allways great to get a new toy tool to play with.

The full new repository URL will be posted in the Forum and the wiki when the move is complete. As the octocat picture hints, the new repository will be placed at GitHub.

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  1. 1 Rio Posted November 20th, 2015 - 8:51 am

    I use SVN on all of my prjecots. Most prjecot I work on are of the one man nature. But having SVN allows me to sync files between locations. No guess work in what has changed.Gone are the days of I had that working but changed the code. because I can just diff the code with SVN to see what I changed.If you do work with a few other people then SVN really shines because it keeps track of who changed what and when. Just update your working copy and the changes are merged into yours. You can also Diff their changes with yours for code review.I have my three servers (dev, staging and live) setup with SVN working copies so I just need to update the live and staging sites to deploy a new version.I tag deployments so rolling back to a known working version is just a matter of moments not hours.Lastly I have my SVN server in another state so I have instant offsite backups.

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