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What is IndieLib?

IndieLib is a c++ 2.5d engine for game development and fast game prototyping in a really easy way. Internally it uses Direct3d for hardware acceleration, but doesn't use DirectDraw or ID3DXSprite, it directly draws textures on polygons. The engine is focused in fast 2d rendering, but also allows you to use 3d models. The main IndieLib features are:

What is the IndieLib license?

IndieLib is OpenSource under the LGPL License. You can access the latest cross-platform version here.

Is IndieLib documented? Is there a forum for posting my doubts?

Yes! Check out these links:

What do I need to develop an IndieLib application

The are some things you need in order to use IndieLib. The first thing is a programming environment. The programming environment will depend on the platform you use. Generally, under windows, IndieLib is compiled for Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (that is free) and Visual C++ 6. You will also need the DirectX SDK, that IndieLib uses for rendering the 2d stuff using hardware acceleration. The last thing you need is, of course, the IndieLib SDK. Under OSX and Linux, requirements will differ quite a bit. Also you would need OpenGL available under these platforms.

Check out the Tutorial 01 Installing for getting started.

Is IndieLib portable?

Yes!! There is an ongoing project porting all features to OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2.0. As for the time of this writing, supported OS are Windows, Linux and OSX. Supported renderers are DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL 1.5 over all platforms. Check out this wiki page for roadmap and state of project: [1]

Has IndieLib a Music engine?

No, there are already really good libraries for that. Check out OpeanAL or SDL_Mixer.

Who is the developer of IndieLib

The project was handed over to:

Miguel Angel Quinones ( as a team lead.
Michael Fogh Kristensen ( as Linux developer and project contributor.

The original developer of the library (Windows / DirectX) is *Javier López López* (, a Spanish game designer / programmer / 3d artist, who likes all the stuff related to digital art, game development and game designing.

I'm reading this stuff and I'm liking it?

HELL YEAH! Now, make games!

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