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New game using Indielib: Sonya


Specialbit Studio have just released the developer edition of Sonya. Sonya has been developed using a modified version of Indielib. “Sonya” is casual adventure game, full of exiting quests, puzzles and hidden objects scenes. It is made as a mixture of HOG (Hidden Object Game), FROG (Fragmented Hidden Object Game) and open world adventure quest […]

C++ map editor tutorial, it dosent use tiles but pieced images like in Aquaria game


I have spent 40 hours in making this tutorial. I really hope it would be useful for some of you. “We are going to learn how to create an in game map editor that dosen’t use tiles, but directly backdrop images that you can translate, tint, rotate, scale, etc, in different parallax layers and camera […]

Small Release: 1.02


Here it is! IndieLib 1.02 Thank you to all the people that reported bugs! Special thanks to Nomad, that worked a lot on the wiki, fixed lot of English mistakes and improved the vc2008 project space. [ features ] IND_Entity2d::SetShow(), IND_Entity2d::IsShow(): showes / hides a 2d / 3d entity. Some corrections to the tutorials on […]

New Release: IndieLib 1.01


Here it is! IndieLib 1.01 Thank you to all the people that reported bugs! Now IndieLib is more much stable and better documented. Along these two weeks after the first release, a small community has grown around IndieLib forums. IndieLib engine has also received great critics from GameDev and CodeProject. If you are new you […]

IndieLib 1.0 Release


Hello world! I’m really excited to announce the first release of IndieLib game engine. It has been a lot of hard work for several years in which I have been working in this project. What started like a hobby has become in a quite robust 2d engine that I think can be useful for the […]

What is Indielib?

ndieLib is 2d game engine in C++ for game development with tutorials, api reference, entity system, sprite animations, collision detection, 3d hardware acceleration, bitmap and TTF fonts, 2d parallax scroll, 3d objects, 2d cameras, viewports, timers, alpha blending, shaders and image filters. Check the full list of features in the Indielib FAQ.