New Release: IndieLib 1.01


Here it is! IndieLib 1.01

Thank you to all the people that reported bugs! Now IndieLib is more much stable and better documented. Along these two weeks after the first release, a small community has grown around IndieLib forums. IndieLib engine has also received great critics from GameDev and CodeProject.

If you are new you are really welcome, join our community and start making games!

[ features ]

  • Update to SDL version
  • The .exe tutorials now have text explaining their input controls.
  • Grid methods for IND_Surface objects are now documented.
  • Several small error from documentation are now fixed.

[ bug fixes ]

  • Fixed Windows Vista problem when reseting the Direct3d Device. Now IndieLib is 100% Vista compatible. Thanks to Tape_Worm [EX3] and others.
  • All the tutorials entities are now time dependent.
  • Deleted one redundant instance of IND_3dMeshManager in the tutorials. Thanks to Ciri.
  • Fixed IND_Entity3d::GetPosZ(), that before was called GetPozZ() and was always “sleeping”. Thanks to Ciri.

For discussions about this new version clik here.

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What is Indielib?

ndieLib is 2d game engine in C++ for game development with tutorials, api reference, entity system, sprite animations, collision detection, 3d hardware acceleration, bitmap and TTF fonts, 2d parallax scroll, 3d objects, 2d cameras, viewports, timers, alpha blending, shaders and image filters. Check the full list of features in the Indielib FAQ.